Another month, another top 10 to select.
Here's what I picked:


  1. Sweet Sweet Goo by Sexual-Lobster - Being a long time fan of GreasyMoose, this animation was him in top form.
  2. Anime Club - Part 1 (Gunshow Comic Animation) by LeeJayAnimation -  I really liked that the Gunshow comic dub has finally been unleashed in an animated form. This whole thing feels like an instant classic to me.
  3. Fortune by Catoblepas - Not much to say about this one, but the animation in it was really nice looking. Really great linework, too.
  4. The Worlds Most Greatest Best Movie of All Time by Sykohyko - This was a pretty funny little skit, and the voice acting really borught it to life. Solid character design as well.
  5. Huey, Sorcerer of the Brooklyn Zoo by tristious - Really impressive animation, even if it's just essentially a music video for a few parts from some songs.
  6. Clucky's Birthday Surprise by Brewster - Pretty funny stuff, character designs and animation were solid.
  7. They Live: The Game by deathink - I don't normally put games in my top 10. For whatever reason I'm alwaysj ust so much more captivated by the animated submissions. However, being a huge fan of They Live, and the fact that this game just totally nails the style of the whole thing means I had to put it in here.
  8. Win & Corn - 'Draw a Card' by ButzboPrud - A Nice little loop with some cute animation. Nothing out of the ordinary, but just really well executed.
  9. Bomberman Origins by TerminalMontage - The pixel art was cool, animation was well executed.
  10. Flower Girl by SweedishPlumTrees - Had a few pretty funny parts, solid animation, pretty decent.


My picks for Newground's Top 10 this month

2015-09-01 18:28:46 by VigorousJammer

Hey there, guys!
So, I got selected to participate in voting for this month's top 10 on Newgrounds.
There was a lot of good stuff this month, but these are what ended up being my picks:

1st - "Makeshift Satellite" by codywalzel
2nd - "-Bliss-" by RoastedStix
3rd - "Jojo's Hot Dog Adventure" by Zikpotimus
4th - "Not In My Version of America" by Sweetsweetback
5th - "The Anatomical Bust" by Parimak
6th - "We Watched Fireworks" by Dylan
7th - "Death Row Dog" by Turbo-Assassin
8th - "Hey That's Offensive!" by Cheetoh
9th - "Sonic Watched Some TV" by Motament
10th - "Convergence at Gravity Falls!" by Doodley

You guys should all check out these animations, they're pretty rad.

Comics, & Cartoons, & Collabs, oh my!

2014-04-03 18:08:58 by VigorousJammer

587095_139656322263_vigorousjammer_roxie.pngSo, it's been a while since I've posted anything on here. Also, the last thing I posted was a preview for an animated series I was working on, called "Project Atom".
Well, I still plan to do that series, however, it won't be animated anymore. It's now going to become a comic. I've also teamed up with another talented artist, Abbey Eve. She will be doing the character design, as well as the pencil work. I'll be doing the final line work, as well as the coloring. I've also been scouting around for a good writer, and think I've found one.
The project will start as a webcomic, and if successful will hopefully eventually move into print. We'll be creating everything in a super high resolution, so it'll be able to be sized for print very easily. Watch for more updates on this project in the near future.

To the right, you can see a preview image for Roxie, with her new updated look, which was designed by Abbey. The final lines & colors were then done by me.









Full-size version is viewable here:

On the animation front, I've been steadily prodding away at my long-in-production "Cowboy short" animation. I'm not even sure if it's any good anymore, but I've put so much time into it that I really kind of just want to finish it up and get it out there. Of course, finishing something is always the most difficult part of creating anything, for me.
I've also been looking into different collaborations, and trying to see what I can lend my talents to... there's a few potential projects I've been looking at which will hopefully get off the ground soon.
I've also started my own collaboration, tentatively titled the "Continue the Story Collab". Check out the forum topic if you'd like to read the rules and what it's about. If you're interested, feel free to join. Slots will stay open for a while. I'm looking to get a lot of people on board with this one.

Hey everybody, first post here on Newgrounds, but i've been on here forever.
I figured I'd post something about my upcoming animated series that I'm doing.

Currently, I don't have a definitive name, I've been calling it "Project Atom"

The show is set after the apocalypse, but it doesn't have that much of a serious tone. I'm going for a comedy series, but also with some action beats here & there.

So far I've got the script for the first episode down, I've got some voice actors lined up (including myself) and currently I'll be doing all of the character art.

Here's some character designs to whet your appetite:
- Marko -
- Seymour -
- Roxie -

If there's any talented artists who'd like to help with the series, I'd be very grateful. I'm especially looking for background artists.

Let me know what you guys think about this idea, get hyped!