My picks for Newground's Top 10 this month

2015-09-01 18:28:46 by VigorousJammer

Hey there, guys!
So, I got selected to participate in voting for this month's top 10 on Newgrounds.
There was a lot of good stuff this month, but these are what ended up being my picks:

1st - "Makeshift Satellite" by codywalzel
2nd - "-Bliss-" by RoastedStix
3rd - "Jojo's Hot Dog Adventure" by Zikpotimus
4th - "Not In My Version of America" by Sweetsweetback
5th - "The Anatomical Bust" by Parimak
6th - "We Watched Fireworks" by Dylan
7th - "Death Row Dog" by Turbo-Assassin
8th - "Hey That's Offensive!" by Cheetoh
9th - "Sonic Watched Some TV" by Motament
10th - "Convergence at Gravity Falls!" by Doodley

You guys should all check out these animations, they're pretty rad.


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