Entry #4

My Selections for Newgrounds top 10 for September

2015-10-01 18:32:38 by VigorousJammer

Another month, another top 10 to select.
Here's what I picked:


  1. Sweet Sweet Goo by Sexual-Lobster - Being a long time fan of GreasyMoose, this animation was him in top form.
  2. Anime Club - Part 1 (Gunshow Comic Animation) by LeeJayAnimation -  I really liked that the Gunshow comic dub has finally been unleashed in an animated form. This whole thing feels like an instant classic to me.
  3. Fortune by Catoblepas - Not much to say about this one, but the animation in it was really nice looking. Really great linework, too.
  4. The Worlds Most Greatest Best Movie of All Time by Sykohyko - This was a pretty funny little skit, and the voice acting really borught it to life. Solid character design as well.
  5. Huey, Sorcerer of the Brooklyn Zoo by tristious - Really impressive animation, even if it's just essentially a music video for a few parts from some songs.
  6. Clucky's Birthday Surprise by Brewster - Pretty funny stuff, character designs and animation were solid.
  7. They Live: The Game by deathink - I don't normally put games in my top 10. For whatever reason I'm alwaysj ust so much more captivated by the animated submissions. However, being a huge fan of They Live, and the fact that this game just totally nails the style of the whole thing means I had to put it in here.
  8. Win & Corn - 'Draw a Card' by ButzboPrud - A Nice little loop with some cute animation. Nothing out of the ordinary, but just really well executed.
  9. Bomberman Origins by TerminalMontage - The pixel art was cool, animation was well executed.
  10. Flower Girl by SweedishPlumTrees - Had a few pretty funny parts, solid animation, pretty decent.



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